Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw: June 8-11, 2019

American and Polish traditions of philosophy of culture share a unique commitment: For both, philosophy of culture is a field, method, theory, and way of life that coincide in a synoptic reflection and reconstruction of culture. As such, it is not only connected to a particular type of meta-orientation on horizons of meaning, and their respective methodologies, but also to a special sensitivity to these horizons as the realm of personal/humane concerns, purposes, and values. Over the last decade leading American and Polish philosophers of culture, with the University of Warsaw as hub, have initiated a dialogue, building on this common commitment to lived philosophy of culture, opening up their students and communities to the rich horizons of meaning available in cultural life. To celebrate this unique philosophical dialogue between American and Polish traditions, we are launching an International Philosophy of Culture Week at the University of Warsaw. From June 8-11 we are hosting a collection of events that seek to foster dialogue between two vibrant and culturally rooted traditions of philosophy, as a groundwork for equitable intercultural philosophy collaboration and work.

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