Week of Events:

International Philosophy of Culture Conference:

Transformations of Culture: Images, Signs, and Symbols

June 8-9, 2019

The transformation of culture from the language of books to the exchange of signs and symbols has occurred in the space of one generation. From Barthes first comprehensive work in semiology to the condensation of meaning into a black mirror, has been the work of only sixty years. Now we stand at the early edge of a world no longer governed by the standards and language of books. What happens, to literature, to law, to government, to art and entertainment, to science and history, when images set the standards of action, of perception, of consciousness? Our conference confronts these and other questions.

Summer Seminar on Philosophy of Culture:

Theory, Field, or Manner of Living?

June 10, 2019

In a series of three sessions, and a voluntary after-hours discussion, a small seminar of scholarly participants, will explore philosophy of culture as theory, method, and manner of living.


Philosophy of Culture as a Way of Life?:

Philosophy of Culture as a Method, Field, and More?:

Philosophy of Culture in Dialogue with other Disciplines

Special Event Keynote: 

Honoring the Work of Juliusz Domański

June 11

Juliusz Domański is the leading Polish voice on philosophy as a way of life. His work has earned him a place as one of the nation’s most recognized and beloved scholars. His book La Philosophie: théorie ou manière de vivre? Les controverses de l ’Antiquité à la Renaissance (Cerf Presses universitaires Fribourg, 1996), is immensely valuable as the only book-length study dedicated to a detailed consideration of the fate of PWL after the end of pagan antiquity and on recurrences in the Renaissance and Middle Ages. A longtime friend of Pierre Hadot (who wrote the preface to the aforementioned book), Domański is a genuine polymath, whose career has traversed the history of philosophy, classical philology, philosophy of culture, literary theory, and hermeneutics. In this event we celebrate his work and offer him the opportunity to present a keynote about his own work on philosophy as a way of life and philosophy of culture, with an introduction and preliminary lecture.

With introduction by Krzysztof Łapiński

Special Lecture by Matthew Sharpe

Special Keynote by Juliusz Domański (with English translation)

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